Hello! And thank-you for visiting our blog. Our names are Meghan and Laurie. Perhaps borne out of an attempt to teach our parents what we study and are passionate about this blog is “everything oceans”. Based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia we write to you with a desire to learn, educate, and illuminate some of the issues that our global ocean face. We will release a featured articles that either outlines a specific topic someone has indicated they would like to know a little more about, has been making headlines in the news, or is something we feel the public need to know a little more about. We are really excited about this project and where it might take us.

You might be wondering what Lautanas means… We both spent the summer of 2016 in Indonesia working with small-scale fisheries. Lautan is the Indonesian word for ocean. When we looked this up we also found that it was the word for author from an obsolete language called Volapük. Together, this seemed like an appropriate combination for a blog about ocean education.  

This blog is as new to us as it is to you, so feel free to get in touch if you have any advice, thoughts on what you’d like to read about, or other feedback! Thanks again, and happy reading!

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